Birth of The Stoke

The Stoke Wines was born of a six-month conversation that spanned Australia, Bali, Scotland, France and India. Desiring to escape their jobs in commercial winemaking, Nick and Rebecca Dugmore set off for a sea-change vintage in Bordeaux, stopping along the way for waves in Bali, and some quiet reflection among the mountains of Bec’s home in Scotland. Arriving in France, they realised that their half-arsed attempt to learn French on the road was seriously insufficient. They would have a lot of time to catch up with each other over the next three months. Whilst left out of the conversation at their own house party, the idea of The Stoke Wines was born.

Bit about Bec

BAKER NO FAKER Rebecca grew up in Scotland and has an MA in History – how she came to be making wine in South Australia is a story we’d need to put the kettle on for. A vintage in New Zealand inspired a few years of galavanting from vintage to vintage, hemisphere to hemisphere before knuckling down to a Graduate Diploma in Viticulture and Oenology at Lincoln University, NZ. Diverted across the ditch by a long-haired Australian, she did her time making bubbles for the big companies for a few years – over 57% of Australians have drunk a bottle of wine she has made* – before deciding to get back to grassroots. KIN is a tribute to her family in Scotland who have always let their wanderer go. *probably

Bit about Nick

Nick’s winemaking career began by accident. With a degree in Wine Marketing under his belt, he decided he’d better earn some respect in the trade by notching up a few vintages in the cellar. He loved the work and quickly realised he’d been batting for the wrong team all along. A quick trip back to university to study Oenology, backed up by vintages in McLaren Vale, Barossa, the Adelaide Hills, Northern Victoria, Canada, Central Otago and Bordeaux saw him back on track. His standards were lifted even further when he met a sparkly-eyed Scottish girl in the Deep South of New Zealand. Kangaroo Island is where Nick’s heart is and the beautiful people and wild landscapes he has encountered there inspired the desire to form a long-lasting connection with the place – that is The Stoke.
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